Lazy Labor Day

I had a long and unproductive weekend, but I did get quite a bit of exercise, counteracted by eating a few pints of ice cream. I managed to finish Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, and I’m still processing it. One thing is for sure, Stephen King knows how to catch you up in his writing, he maintains good pace, salty dialogue and wryness throughout. I never really get bored. On the other hand, I’ve been rereading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series in anticipation of Book 11, which will be released in October. I started this series when I was nine, and I’ve long since outgrown it, but I’ve invested enough time that I’ve got to see it through. Robert Jordan writes like an anchor. Paragraphs of thoughts and descriptions, appear between sentences, pages are spent describing different changes of clothes and the rationales behind them. After reading King, Jordan is even worse than usual. It is no wonder I went for lots of bike rides and runs.

I rode around Downtown Cleveland for a while on Monday, and rubbernecked at the Airshow while waiting for a Critical Mass bike ride that never materialized. I watched Notre Dame’s season opener on Saturday evening, and while I don’t have much to judge upon after one game, I do have to say that there were way too many penalty flags tossed about. We need to clean up our act on that front. Other than that I made gunslinger burritos again, this time with fish, and slept a whole hell of a lot.