New Design, Again

So here is the new design I’ve been work­ing on. I had lots to learn about PHP, but it seems to be work­ing okay so far. None of the links on the side work yet, but if you notice any­thing else funk­tas­tic, please let me know.

[Update] I’ll be updat­ing it as the day pro­gress­es. You’ll need to change your RSS feed to this site, since I’ve switched to Word­Press. There is also some funky­ness when you mouseover my Flickr Feed using Fire­fox, I can’t fig­ure out how to fix it though. Any read­abil­i­ty issues should be not­ed as well, since it all appears fine on my lap­top but my work com­put­er seems to shrink the fonts. Mean­while, check out 365 Tomor­rows, a short piece of spec­u­la­tive fic­tion each day for a year.

[Update] The links over to the side work now, although the Links link is in sore need of some TLC. I’ve also incor­po­rat­ed a live pre­view plu­g­in so that you can see what your com­ment is going to look like before you post it. It is pret­ty sweet, I rec­om­mend it to oth­er Word­Press users, since WP doesn’t have a com­ment pre­view tool native. I’m also upload­ing more pic­tures to Flickr and get­ting those orga­nized and made pub­lic [for the most part]. The only down side I’ve noticed so far, is that a bunch of my posts import­ed with a date of 1970. Thank­ful­ly no one ever goes through the archives. I’ll have all kinds of time to fix it. I’ll start blog­ging again tomor­row. Mean­while, read some Pokey the Pen­guin.

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