New Design, Again

So here is the new design I’ve been working on. I had lots to learn about PHP, but it seems to be working okay so far. None of the links on the side work yet, but if you notice anything else funktastic, please let me know.

[Update] I’ll be updating it as the day progresses. You’ll need to change your RSS feed to this site, since I’ve switched to WordPress. There is also some funkyness when you mouseover my Flickr Feed using Firefox, I can’t figure out how to fix it though. Any readability issues should be noted as well, since it all appears fine on my laptop but my work computer seems to shrink the fonts. Meanwhile, check out 365 Tomorrows, a short piece of speculative fiction each day for a year.

[Update] The links over to the side work now, although the Links link is in sore need of some TLC. I’ve also incorporated a live preview plugin so that you can see what your comment is going to look like before you post it. It is pretty sweet, I recommend it to other WordPress users, since WP doesn’t have a comment preview tool native. I’m also uploading more pictures to Flickr and getting those organized and made public [for the most part]. The only down side I’ve noticed so far, is that a bunch of my posts imported with a date of 1970. Thankfully no one ever goes through the archives. I’ll have all kinds of time to fix it. I’ll start blogging again tomorrow. Meanwhile, read some Pokey the Penguin.

13 thoughts on “New Design, Again

  1. Gah!!!….This is like the time I rearranged my bedroom and it took me three days to refrain from wanting to climb on my dresser, because it was where my bed used to be…

    I’m slowly getting used to it…

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