Open Mic at Edison’s

Edison’s Pub started having Tuesday open mic nights three weeks ago. I made it to this week’s installment of music, poetry and stand-​up comedy and had a great time. It is a pretty relaxed atmosphere, with no real set schedule or pace to the performances, and Tremonsters all over the place. I even picked up a self-​published book of poetry by one of my neighbors and short stories from Leeds, UK for the price of a PBR. It was an evening for multi-​tasking, while listening to people rocking out and watching the Indians game, I had the chance to look over part of a book about the history of Brandt Gallery. I also chatted with everyone’s favorite photographer, listened to a Lucky’s barista do some stand-​up, gave Steve a little good-​natured ribbing and hung out Erin from Inside/​Outside.

While eating a pesto and tomato pizza from Edison’s Next Door Deli, I finally met another Tremont entrepreneur, Des Schmitt, who runs Southside Cleaners and Concierge and is working on opening a chapeaux shop, had the chance to inform myself about certain local troublemakers, and did I mention that there was an open mic night going on? Lou said he would go up and do something if I did, but I gave out a good excuse. Anyway, you couldn’t really ask for a better time on a Tuesday night, or a more crowded bar. The atmosphere was really special, what Jack would call an appreciative one. It seemed like everyone who went up in front of the mic was comfortable, even if they weren’t exactly confident in their performances. Open mics are good for building confidence though, and it takes plenty of guts to get up there in the first place. I am constantly reminded of the reasons why Tremont is so great, and it isn’t the fancy restaurants and art galleries, it’s my neighbors, hanging out, drinking beers and supporting each other in their passions. I think I know where I’ll be on Tuesday nights from now on. Who knows, maybe I’ll even perform one day.

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