September Cleveland Weblogger Meetup

Attending this meet­up at Metro Joe’s:

Jim Eastman
Martha Lattie
Craig Lyndall who had free CDs for his band, The Company Line.
Bob Rhubart
Rick Bohan
Gerardo Orlando
Tim Russo
Bill Callahan
Will Kessel
Bill Barrow
Ken Duncan
Lori Kozey
Daniella Lindquist
Jerry Ritcey
George Nemeth
Jeff Hess
Adam Harvey
Tim Ferris and Gloria Ferris
MaryBeth Matthews
Phở’s Norka Pages
Jaclyn Stacy
Matt Martinez
Scott Gearity
Jack Ricchiuto waltzed in af­ter an hour and a half. Hmph.

9 at­tend­ing con­sid­ered them­selves po­lit­i­cal blog­gers.

We dis­cussed peo­ple who get irate about com­ments left on blogs and then threat­en lit­i­ga­tion. We de­ter­mined that there is al­ready le­gal prece­dent pro­tect­ing blog­gers from third par­ty com­ment­ing and li­bel. We dis­cussed the dif­fi­cul­ties of nav­i­gat­ing the FEMA web­site in help­ing NOLA refugees, how to dri­ve traf­fic to your web­site, main­ly through com­ment­ing on oth­er people’s blogs. The in­tri­ca­cies of Trackbacks, RSS, and WordPress plu­g­ins, in­clud­ing one which will help de­fend against AdSense pi­rates. Tim thinks Google Alerts is bet­ter than RSS. There was al­so the ubiq­ui­tous copy­right dis­cus­sion. Jaclyn, who is still work­ing on fight­ing Wal-Mart in Cleveland, brought to our at­ten­tion their Higher Expectations Week. Will brought up Mint as a source of site traf­fic log­ging and Jeff men­tioned AWstats.

Scott Gearity had the quote of the night: 

The bl­o­gos­phere is dom­i­nat­ed by this sort of lib­er­tar­i­an con­ser­v­a­tive ca­bal.

Around 9 the group ad­journed to Fulton Bar and Grille for tasty bev­er­ages. I rode my bike home.

8 thoughts on “September Cleveland Weblogger Meetup

  1. Thanks to all the vet­er­ans who were so con­ge­nial in shar­ing ideas and in­fo with us new­bies. I’m still try­ing to fig­ure out this track­back thing though…

  2. My wife need­ed me (no, I don’t mean it that way) so I had to miss it. Thanks for the notes, Adam… next best thing to be­ing there. I hope to make the next meet­up. I missed every­one and I owe George a brew.

    All the Best,
    Steve FitzGerald

  3. You should join us some­time RAB, new faces and voic­es are al­ways wel­come. I know you like to main­tain anonymi­ty though so maybe you al­ready have been to one… 😉

  4. Good of you to chron­i­cle the event. I did ben­e­fit from be­ing there and will be back. It’s a very in­ter­est­ing, in­de­pen­dent group, and they share, and I can learn.

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