These days, people

 These days, peo­ple
com­plain about “gas
prices” and “poli
tics” and how
noth­ing makes
they veins pump
with flames except

 That makes me
 so mad. I
want to shakem
 like bad rat
tles, dammit. I
want to plug
they noses with
 Dura­cells to
light that bulb
  in they head.

 Folks want
oth­ers to
 solve they prob
lems. They
They lay
back and talk
 smack because
they think apol
ogies are
“I’m sor­ry you feel
that way.”

These days, peo­ple
say “it’s hard
work” and they jerk
 and play and
hurt and pray and
 still fuck around and
 still pre­tend they
sleep at night.
Because they got some
thing called “Entit

 One of these days,

One of

3 Replies

  • Always enter­tain­ing to lis­ten to white boys rant about “enti­tle­ment.”

    Espe­cial­ly when they appear to be try­ing to appro­pri­ate a “black voice” to do so.


  • Either I’m miss­ing some­thing or you are, anony­mous. Would you care to expand upon your pre­vi­ous state­ments? I don’t quite get your point.

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