These days, people

 These days, people
complain about “gas
prices” and “poli
tics” and how
nothing makes
they veins pump
with flames except

 That makes me
 so mad. I
want to shakem
 like bad rat
tles, dammit. I
want to plug
they noses with
 Duracells to
light that bulb
  in they head.

 Folks want
others to
 solve they prob
lems. They
They lay
back and talk
 smack because
they think apol
ogies are
“I’m sorry you feel
that way.”

These days, people
say “it’s hard
work” and they jerk
 and play and
hurt and pray and
 still fuck around and
 still pretend they
sleep at night.
Because they got some
thing called “Entit

 One of these days,

One of