Travel Travails

I’ve come home for my mother’s birthday this weekend. I was exhausted and grouchy from the trip home and the advisor meeting I’d had at CSU yesterday. Apparently it is going to take over two years for me to get all the classes in that are necessary to get a teacher’s license. Then, when I left the Rhodes Tower, I discovered that you aren’t allowed to park at the meters from 4:00 – 6:30, resulting in a $35 parking ticket, then, rush hour traffic. So I ended up on the road a full hour later than I’d anticipated. I was getting sleepy around 6, so I stopped and picked up some Vitamin Water “Energy”. The good thing about having a low caffeine intake means a little goes a long way. The bad thing is that I could taste the bitterness of the caffeine and guarana in my drinks. In addition to the Vitamin Water, I ate half a box of chocolate frosted donettes. I finally made it home and had a bowl of sausage and potato soup, made by my mother. Then I slept for 12 hours. Now that I’m awake, it is time to wash the vinyl siding.