Weathervane Glory

some peo­ple some day
will get to­gether and
weld a great white egret
out of what ever ideas
are still left over
and they will seat it some
where and other
peo­ple will fight over
it or rather fight over
what they think it
may or may not

          [the egret be­ing
          too it­self to see
          its own evil]

at some point it
will be cast down by
some one full of

weath­er­vane glory or
an ex­cess of rel­a­tiv­ity

there is some thing to
be said for equiv­o­cacy
          some other time
          by some one else.

The pun of ‘whether vain­glory’ and ‘weath­er­vane glory’ was a tough one and I don’t know if it came across well.

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