I went over to a neighbor’s house and carved a pump­kin last night, then end­ed up at Edison’s work­ing on a web­page while I wait­ed for the open mic to start. Edison’s has a rather im­pres­sive se­lec­tion of ran­dom beers, and even if they have Guinness on tap, I’m slow­ly mak­ing my way through their ran­dom se­lec­tion.

The first one I had was the Kalamazoo Brewing Company’s Two Hearted Ale. This beer was re­al­ly hop­py, some­thing I’m not too fond of. Strangely though, I ab­solute­ly loved it in this brew. I think it will be­come a warm-weath­er fa­vorite for me. It must have been the fish on the la­bel.

I al­so had a Holy Grail Ale made by the Black Sheep Brewing Company. This beer was quite ex­pen­sive and not that good. I should have lis­tened to the old man from scene 23.

I made Barb the bar­tender sur­prise me for my third beer and re­ceived their new item; a porter from the Southern Tier Brewing Company. This one didn’t have the punch of an Edmund Fitzgerald but it man­aged to do the nor­mal porter num­ber on me. It kin­da just slid down my throat in an unas­sum­ing man­ner. I like porters.

And I ob­vi­ous­ly don’t know enough about beers to re­view them.