Cheese and Whine

Once a month I ar­rive at work and find the breeze­way full of donuts. Seriously. Three large box­es [per­haps three feet by two feet] and two small dozen box­es sit there, taunt­ing me. I can smell their fresh good­ness be­fore I even get to the door. Since the lat­est re­org we’re now al­so re­quired to put in manda­to­ry over­time through the end of the year. Merry Christmas. The ic­ing on the cake of course, is the fact that I can no longer keep track of BFD while I’m at work, be­cause it keeps get­ting ze­ro sized replies com­ing through the fire­wall. Either that or George has blocked our IP. Granted, I prob­a­bly shouldn’t surf the in­ter­net while at work, but since my cowork­ers can play soli­taire, com­put­er chess, do cross­word puz­zles or read the PD while at work, I don’t feel so bad. I am al­so sick of peo­ple who dri­ve the speed lim­it or slow­er in the fast lane of the in­ter­state. Passing on the in­side is le­gal in Ohio, but of­ten not pos­si­ble, since slow­er dri­vers who ac­tu­al­ly know what they are do­ing dri­ve the same speed in the oth­er lanes. I think that cov­ers it. I feel a bit bet­ter now.

I am go­ing to a Notre Dame foot­ball game this week­end though, and I’ll have the chance to eat at CJ’s again and have the best burg­er in ex­is­tence. I should prob­a­bly try to take a pic­ture of it for FoodGoat.

2 thoughts on “Cheese and Whine

  1. Yea, I heard about the manda­to­ry over­time stuff. That se­ri­ous­ly sucks. I imag­ine that’s put a damper on your search for PT work..

    Ah…your grip­ing about the traf­fic brings back fond mem­o­ries of our trips in­to work 😉

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