Meat Weekend

I’m back from a long week­end at the old stomp­ing grounds in South Bend. Friday night I missed Frank Jackson’s ap­pear­ance at the Literary Café in or­der to plow through a Golden Domer at the new and im­proved CJ’s Pub. For those of you who don’t know what the Domer is let me en­light­en you. The Golden Domer is a 20oz hand­made burg­er, in­ject­ed with CJ’s spe­cial sauce and spiced with a bit of Lawry’s. It is then smoth­ered with white American cheese, ba­con, mush­rooms, toma­to, onion and let­tuce and served with a large pile of criss-cut fries. My bud­dy Jeremy took a few snaps with his cam­era phone, and as soon as he emails them to me, I’ll post ‘em here.

Saturday dawned and Jeremy made some break­fast bur­ri­tos with de­li­cious sausage from Tipton, KS for me and his wife Christy and his ba­by girl Katie. We then walked to cam­pus, which looks a lot dif­fer­ent than it did even a year ago. They’ve been build­ing build­ings su­per fast. We grabbed the nec­es­sary steak sand­wich from my old Knights of Columbus council’s steak sale and caught the end of Knute Rockne All American [star­ring Ronald Reagan as The Gipper]. We vis­it­ed the Grotto, watched the team walk from the Basilica to the sta­di­um, and then went to the JACC where I made a stop by my home away from home while I was in col­lege, the fenc­ing gym. Coach DeCicco was there, and he def­i­nite­ly didn’t know me from Adam, but that isn’t sur­pris­ing, con­sid­er­ing how long he’s been emer­i­tus.

Once we got to the sta­di­um, I grabbed a hot dog and coke as we watched the teams warm up. Then I watched us beat on BYU. After the game and the walk home we got a meat-lovers piz­za from Pizza Hut and watched the blithe­ly vi­o­lent Boondock Saints. Sunday dawned and af­ter Mass we went to Bibler’s and I had my sausage and eggs, hash browns, pan­cakes and oat­meal be­fore hit­ting the road back to Cleveland. If I had on­ly stayed a few more days I could have gone to Macri’s, Elia’s, the Mishawaka Brewing Company, and Bruno’s. Alas, I’m cube­farm­ing it again.

7 thoughts on “Meat Weekend

  1. The pics on the cam­era phone did not turn out at all. It was a bit too dark in the bar. Sorry Adam, you’ll have to come out and get an­oth­er Domer in a few weeks.

  2. Glad you had a good time back home! I’m hop­ing to head back to cleve­land for a bit this hol­i­day sea­son, $$ pro­vid­ing.

  3. You should nev­er skip a side trip to the Chocolate Café when you’re in town. I think that’s against the rules. Sorry for in­ter­rupt­ing, but I kind of stum­bled on your site when I was look­ing up South Bend in blog­ger:)

  4. Groovy, Patrick. I’ll look for­ward mak­ing fun of you.

    No in­ter­rup­tion at all, Jenn. I’ve nev­er been to the Chocolate Café, that must re­al­ly be against the rules. I’ve al­ways been a rebel though.

  5. Funny thing the ridicule. It’s weird. Not work­ing at West and work­ing a job I love and hav­ing a good time at school, I’ve sad­ly found my­self lack­ing in sar­casm. I am afraid, by the time I re­turn home, I shall be ab­solute­ly de­fense­less.

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