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I purchased Super Mario Bros. 3 [watch someone beat the game in 11 minutes], The Legend of Zelda and Ice Hockey yesterday for my 8 bit Nintendo Entertainment System. I first played a Nintendo soon after it hit the market, on our family trip to Orlando Florida for Disney World and Sea World. I was probably 5 or 6. I remember stopping at an uncle’s house, some sort of kin, maybe a great uncle, I’m not quite sure. Anyway he had a Nintendo. I’d never heard of the Nintendo, and I don’t think I even knew what a video game was. I remember playing Duck Hunt and maybe a little Excitebike and absolutely loving it.

I never had video games growing up, until I saved enough money to buy a Gameboy in Junior High. I did manage to mooch off of my cousins and my buddy Mario [no, really.] who had all kinds of games. The rule was, you got to play the game until you had a game over and then you had to pass it on. This was frustrating for me because the people who actually owned the games were much better and thus got to play much longer. I remember watching my cousin Chris play Super Mario Bros. 3 for 3 hours before he ran out of lives, and little old me would play Tetris for 20 minutes and have to pass the controller.

Eventually I moved into the realms of Playstation, again purchasing it myself, as I’ve done with all my computer games, but the love for Nintendo was still there. My junior year of college, I nabbed a Nintendo and a few games on Ebay and have been slowly building the cartridge collection since. One of my teammate’s houses off campus had an old school Nintendo and Super Mario 3 battles on a regular basis. I even managed to impress them with my amazing jumping abilities. I did manage to acquire a modicum of skill at 8 bit Nintendo over the years, even though I’m no Wizard. Now, I have a bunch of stupid sports games, but I do have Super Mario/​Duck Hunt, Metroid [thanks Patrick!], Tetris, Section Z and the aforementioned games. I still need a few key ones though. Double Dragon, Excitebike, Contra, 10 Yard Fight, Final Fantasy and Bubble Bobble. They will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine.

What is your favorite line-​up for Ice Hockey? I prefer one fat guy, one normal guy and two skinnies.

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Memories

  1. I remember playing Nintendo all the time as a kid. I never had one myself, but i had a friend who did. (though I have the sneaking idea that we weren’t really friends, I just came over to play his Nintendo 😉
    It was there that I first played Legend of Zelda, Ninja Gaiden and others. I remember, coming from my c64 house, being awestruck by some of the intro scenes, lame as they seem now.

    They have all these plug n’ play video games now, I wish they’d do a nintendo one. Double Dragon, Super Mario Bros, Contra…droool…

  2. I always preferred Super Mario 2, with the Princess that strained really hard every time she had to jump. That always made me chuckle. I sucked, though, because I only got to play when my brother got sick and tired of playing, which is to say not very often.

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