Primary Voting

So I voted a while ago. The turnout appears to be abysmal. I was the 91st person to vote in Ward 13, Precinct M. I suppose that was expected. I guess in the end my vote counts for more, if less folks show up. Still, I’d rather have excellent turnouts. Getting to my polling place at Pilgrim Church consisted of running a gauntlet of dudes trying to hand me stuff about some candidate or such. I managed to avoid them all by saying I wasn’t going there to vote. Suckers. I know that you aren’t allowed to campaign within a certain distance of the polling place, but I’d rather have a ban on campaigning altogether on election days. Also, Election Day should be a national holiday. If it was, I’d certainly be more inclined to work at a polling place and take the load off of the old folks who should be at home enjoying their retirement. Today I also found out that someone is running against my councilman. I think. I don’t really know what to think about the Cleveland election process. I’ve seen more hotly debated Fair Queen competitions.

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