Semi- Sweekend Morsels

• I dressed as Teen Wolf, but no­body got it.
Down By Law wasn’t shot in Tremont, Mr. Hess, but in Louisiana. I’m pret­ty sure you meant Stranger Than Paradise, which I’ve now or­dered from the CPL. The Criterion Collection DVD of Down By Law is, as al­ways, awe­some, by the way.
• The UK ver­sion of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in­cludes a cut scene at the very end and a re­mas­ter­ing of the sound which makes the songs much more crisp and un­der­stand­able.
• The dri­ve to Akron on 77 is treer­iff­ic in the fall.

13 thoughts on “Semi- Sweekend Morsels

  1. Stranger than Paradise has a great scene in it where the screen is just about sol­id white and you hear the ac­tors’ voice say­ing “That’s Lake Erie — it’s al­most al­ways frozen.”

  2. I don’t, know, but, I think, you might be mock­ing, my re­cent ten­den­cy, to overuse the com­ma. Perhaps, I should, proof­read my posts. 😉

  3. Did you, at least, steal the jock’s girl­friend, on­ly to dump her for your tomboy best friend (who has been har­bor­ing a crush on you for a long time)

  4. Were you down­town Kent Saturday night?

    I saw a teen wolf.…was it you?

    Oh, and con­grats on not spend­ing a heap. I kind of went over­board this year, but damn did I look good!

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