Semi- Sweekend Morsels

• I dressed as Teen Wolf, but nobody got it.
Down By Law wasn’t shot in Tremont, Mr. Hess, but in Louisiana. I’m pretty sure you meant Stranger Than Paradise, which I’ve now ordered from the CPL. The Criterion Collection DVD of Down By Law is, as always, awesome, by the way.
• The UK version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show includes a cut scene at the very end and a remastering of the sound which makes the songs much more crisp and understandable.
• The drive to Akron on 77 is treeriffic in the fall.

13 thoughts on “Semi- Sweekend Morsels

  1. Stranger than Paradise has a great scene in it where the screen is just about solid white and you hear the actors’ voice saying “That’s Lake Erie – it’s almost always frozen.”

  2. Did you, at least, steal the jock’s girlfriend, only to dump her for your tomboy best friend (who has been harboring a crush on you for a long time)

  3. Were you downtown Kent Saturday night?

    I saw a teen wolf….was it you?

    Oh, and congrats on not spending a heap. I kind of went overboard this year, but damn did I look good!

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