Tremont Cineaste

I believe that I have now seen every full length Hollywood film that was at least partially shot in Tremont. They are: The Deer Hunter, A Christmas Story and American Splendor. I watched The Deer Hunter last night, it was pretty weird seeing what Starkweather looked like back in the 1970s, before I-​490 cut the neighborhood in half. From what I could tell, they just used easterly shots of St. Theodosius’s and an exterior of Lemko Hall. Since I’ve never been inside St. Theo’s or Lemko Hall I don’t know about the interiors. Also, some of the neighborhood shots could have been shot in the parts of the ‘hood that are under 490. I’m still trying to find out where, exactly, the house from A Christmas Story is located. I know it is on W. 11th, south of 490, so maybe I’ll ride my bike over that way today and see if I can spy it out. American Splendor just had some exteriors of Tremont houses and an establishing shot of St. Theo’s. This is probably completely boring to anyone but me. That’s what I get for being a film geek.