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I be­lieve that I have now seen every full length Hollywood film that was at least par­tial­ly shot in Tremont. They are: The Deer Hunter, A Christmas Story and American Splendor. I watched The Deer Hunter last night, it was pret­ty weird see­ing what Starkweather looked like back in the 1970s, be­fore I-490 cut the neigh­bor­hood in half. From what I could tell, they just used east­er­ly shots of St. Theodosius’s and an ex­te­ri­or of Lemko Hall. Since I’ve nev­er been in­side St. Theo’s or Lemko Hall I don’t know about the in­te­ri­ors. Also, some of the neigh­bor­hood shots could have been shot in the parts of the ‘hood that are un­der 490. I’m still try­ing to find out where, ex­act­ly, the house from A Christmas Story is lo­cat­ed. I know it is on W. 11th, south of 490, so maybe I’ll ride my bike over that way to­day and see if I can spy it out. American Splendor just had some ex­te­ri­ors of Tremont hous­es and an es­tab­lish­ing shot of St. Theo’s. This is prob­a­bly com­plete­ly bor­ing to any­one but me. That’s what I get for be­ing a film geek.

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  1. andy of the lit­er­ary café has some vid-caps from a old route 66 episode that fea­tures tremont from 50 years ago. some­one taped it off of nick at night and they played it at the lit.
    here is the page.
    the christ­mas sto­ry house made news re­cent­ly when some cal­i­for­nia guy bought it and is turn­ing it in­to a musuem, the house is on row­ley ave. across from the row­ley inn.

  2. I was ac­tu­al­ly quite geeked when I saw American Splendor, with all of it’s tremont shots. Genevieve and I had ac­tu­al­ly stum­bled on the film­ing of it years back, in Lakewood though. (it was at the Detroit the­ater and ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ was on the mar­quee). We steered clear of the crew though.

  3. I have a few shots of the St. Theodosius in­te­ri­or on my Flickr page (fol­low the crumbs from my main page). It was open for view­ing dur­ing the Tremont Arts Fest a few weeks back. Breathtaking, even for those of us who don’t buy in­to or­ga­nized re­li­gion.

    The Christmas Story house sold on eBay late last year. The ad­dress is 3159 W. 11th, near Rowley. I did a dri­ve­by to check out the ‘hood for an out-of-town col­league who was half-se­ri­ous­ly think­ing about putting in a bid.

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