Weblogger Pandemic

I’m currently putting together a couple of websites for pals of mine and have been spending inordinate amounts of time at Lucky’s hashing stuff together. Last night, the shop was pretty busy. An old man asked me some rather biased survey questions, I eavesdropped on a block club meeting, and had a good learning experience talking to Steve Goldberg about Buddhism. Then I promptly disregarded his wisdom and killed a fly. Even if I do good things to attempt to counteract the bad karma I incurred, planting a fruit tree in a pepper patch doesn’t make the peppers any less hot. There are neutral acts in Buddhism, which is an interesting concept to me. Not helping a beggar would be shameful in Christian context, but if you are Buddhist it is neutral, at least you didn’t kick him. I’m sure I’m either getting this wrong or oversimplifying. There is a lot of different wisdom in the world.

I went over to Edison’s for the open mic after Lucky’s closed and wasn’t there ten minutes before Bill Callahan waltzed in. Then Tim showed up, then, a bit later, George. Then, a bit later, Steve again. It was like some sort of impromptu weblogger meetup. I had a new beer: Red Hook which was too hoppy for me. I don’t like hoppy beers.

Internet Explorer is my bane. These sites I’m putting together parse as XHTML Strict and display correctly on Firefox, but look like crap on Internet Explorer. Arg.

6 thoughts on “Weblogger Pandemic

  1. What product of Red Hook did you get? They used to have a stout brewed with coffee (okay, you’d probably hate that) that’s what got me into smaller brews (and good beer in general). I used to hate hoppy beers as well, but as I drank more, I kind of got the taste for them. Now, on a hot summer day, I go for a IPA 🙂

  2. hey adam…
    how’s that open mic at edisons? i’m still testing new ones out, as i put my shit together for gigs, and i’m looking for ones that are decent.

    there’s one at the House of Blues that i’ve been going to, and it’s quite posh…and there’s quite a variety of acts too, from spoken word performaces to rap to folk, to stand-up comedy. (good stuff mostly)

    let me know if you think Ed’s would be a good place for mo music. thanks! 🙂

  3. I’m pretty sure you’re too good for Edison’s right now. You might bring up their game if you stop by though. It is also a variety format, one of the guys that works at Lucky’s is building up his stand-up act.

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