Weblogger Pandemic

I’m cur­rent­ly putting to­geth­er a cou­ple of web­sites for pals of mine and have been spend­ing in­or­di­nate amounts of time at Lucky’s hash­ing stuff to­geth­er. Last night, the shop was pret­ty busy. An old man asked me some rather bi­ased sur­vey ques­tions, I eaves­dropped on a block club meet­ing, and had a good learn­ing ex­pe­ri­ence talk­ing to Steve Goldberg about Buddhism. Then I prompt­ly dis­re­gard­ed his wis­dom and killed a fly. Even if I do good things to at­tempt to coun­ter­act the bad kar­ma I in­curred, plant­i­ng a fruit tree in a pep­per patch doesn’t make the pep­pers any less hot. There are neu­tral acts in Buddhism, which is an in­ter­est­ing con­cept to me. Not help­ing a beg­gar would be shame­ful in Christian con­text, but if you are Buddhist it is neu­tral, at least you didn’t kick him. I’m sure I’m ei­ther get­ting this wrong or over­sim­pli­fy­ing. There is a lot of dif­fer­ent wis­dom in the world.

I went over to Edison’s for the open mic af­ter Lucky’s closed and wasn’t there ten min­utes be­fore Bill Callahan waltzed in. Then Tim showed up, then, a bit lat­er, George. Then, a bit lat­er, Steve again. It was like some sort of im­promp­tu weblog­ger meet­up. I had a new beer: Red Hook which was too hop­py for me. I don’t like hop­py beers.

Internet Explorer is my bane. These sites I’m putting to­geth­er parse as XHTML Strict and dis­play cor­rect­ly on Firefox, but look like crap on Internet Explorer. Arg. 

6 thoughts on “Weblogger Pandemic

  1. Be care­ful with that kar­ma thing, Adam — she can be a re­al (word that rhymes with witch).

  2. What prod­uct of Red Hook did you get? They used to have a stout brewed with cof­fee (okay, you’d prob­a­bly hate that) that’s what got me in­to small­er brews (and good beer in gen­er­al). I used to hate hop­py beers as well, but as I drank more, I kind of got the taste for them. Now, on a hot sum­mer day, I go for a IPA 🙂

  3. hey adam…
    how’s that open mic at edis­ons? i’m still test­ing new ones out, as i put my shit to­geth­er for gigs, and i’m look­ing for ones that are de­cent.

    there’s one at the House of Blues that i’ve been go­ing to, and it’s quite posh…and there’s quite a va­ri­ety of acts too, from spo­ken word per­for­ma­ces to rap to folk, to stand-up com­e­dy. (good stuff most­ly)

    let me know if you think Ed’s would be a good place for mo mu­sic. thanks! 🙂

  4. I’m pret­ty sure you’re too good for Edison’s right now. You might bring up their game if you stop by though. It is al­so a va­ri­ety for­mat, one of the guys that works at Lucky’s is build­ing up his stand-up act.

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