Birthday Invitation

If anyone would like to come over and watch the Notre Dame game with me tomorrow [Saturday November 19], and/or go grab something to eat after the game, let me know. I’m looking to celebrate my 25th birthday [which is on Sunday] but I don’t have anyone to hang with. Aw, call the wahmbulance. Comment here or shoot me an email if you’re down with it.

5 thoughts on “Birthday Invitation

  1. Shalom Adam,

    Mazel tov on the 25th anniversay of your birth. If I didn’t have a commitment tomorrow I’d be there, but I’ll just have to wish to the best of days.



  2. Dude,
    I didn’t see this til too late! Happy birthday. I woulda come over with a 6 of Guiness for you and a book or something to entertain myself while you enjoyed watching the game.

  3. happy belated birthday!!
    i would lose my ohio citizenship if i would go watch that game instead of the OSU-MU game, sorry.

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