Birthday Invitation

If any­one would like to come over and watch the Notre Dame game with me tomor­row [Sat­ur­day Novem­ber 19], and/or go grab some­thing to eat after the game, let me know. I’m look­ing to cel­e­brate my 25th birth­day [which is on Sun­day] but I don’t have any­one to hang with. Aw, call the wahm­bu­lance. Com­ment here or shoot me an email if you’re down with it.

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  • Shalom Adam,

    Mazel tov on the 25th anniver­say of your birth. If I didn’t have a com­mit­ment tomor­row I’d be there, but I’ll just have to wish to the best of days.



  • Dude,
    I didn’t see this til too late! Hap­py birth­day. I woul­da come over with a 6 of Gui­ness for you and a book or some­thing to enter­tain myself while you enjoyed watch­ing the game.

  • hap­py belat­ed birth­day!!
    i would lose my ohio cit­i­zen­ship if i would go watch that game instead of the OSU-MU game, sor­ry.

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