Birthmas List

Dear Friends and Family,

The time is fast approaching for my birthday and Christmas. If you are smart you are already ordering holiday gifts from Amazon. If you wait until after Thanksgiving, there is no guarantee you’ll get things in time. I have two wishlists. I keep my Tolkien obsession separate from the other stuff for organizational purposes. The links I’ve provided should organize my wishlists by priority. As always, you don’t have to order from here if you find it elsewhere.

My regular wishlist is here.
My Tolkien wishlist is here.
My MEC wishlist is here.

I would also like:

• Non-theme-based magnetic poetry.
• A full-size ironing board.
• A big bottle of Centrum.
• A six-month membership at a gym or a few appointments with a personal trainer.
• If you smoke, to stop smoking.

I will update this as my greed escalates with the impending holidays.

Alternatively, you could buy a poor folk something in my name from Oxfam.

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