Holy Cost Savings!

Last month I replaced my old lightbulbs with energy efficient ones which put out the same amount of light that a standard 60 watt bulb puts out, but only uses 14 watts. I got my first electric bill since then and it is $4 cheaper, so the bulbs have already paid for their higher cost. I don’t use a lot of electricity since I’m in a 1BR apartment, but I heartily recommend getting your hands on some of these bad boys. More beer money!

3 thoughts on “Holy Cost Savings!

  1. Shalom Adam,

    That’s great. Small steps result in huge gains when we’re consistant about our actions.

    While they do cost a lot more and take longer to realize the savings as a result, you might also want to investigate the use of compact flourescents in one or two of your high-​use (a reading lamp for instance) light sources.



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