Where in Cleveland? Batteries

Where in Cleveland can I take my dead bat­ter­ies for prop­er dis­pos­al?

5 thoughts on “Where in Cleveland? Batteries

  1. Alkaline bat­ter­ies can be safe­ly dis­posed in your trash. Batteries that should be re­cy­cled in­clude lead-acid bat­ter­ies from en­gines and recharge­able (Ni-cad) bat­ter­ies from cell phones, pow­er tools, cord­less phones and lap top com­put­ers. Lead-acid (car) bat­ter­ies can be turned in at AutoZone, Murray’s Discount Auto, National Tire and Battery, Sears Automotive Centers and many au­to part stores. Rechargeable bat­ter­ies can be turned in at many re­tail stores in­clud­ing Alltel, Ameritech Cellular, Best Buy, Cingular Wireless, Home Depot, Radio Shack, Sears, and Target stores. Visit the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation for lo­ca­tions. Other bat­ter­ies can be re­cy­cled at Bulldog Battery (440) 9422555 (Vine Street in Eastlake).

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