Christmas Shopping Fin!

Apart from a few stock­ing-stuffers and an in­or­di­nate amount of bak­ery I am done with all of my Christmas prepa­ra­tions. I spent a few hours last night zip­ping all over Cuyahoga County and even­tu­al­ly end­ed up at Big Lots, which is the best place for Christmas sun­dries. Shopping is no Grand Progress for me. I make tac­ti­cal strikes and en­deav­or to leave no resid­ual pres­ence. Shopping is def­i­nite­ly a black op. The most time was spent in Half-Price books, where I on­ly bought for my­self. I know, now isn’t the time of year for that, but you have to get the good books while they are avail­able. I found some crit­i­cal analy­ses of Tolkien from way back in the day that even I hadn’t heard of.

I just now put the ti­tle on this post. fin was sup­posed to be the French fin, but in­stead it looks like I just in­vent­ed a new in­ven­tion. A sup­pose a Christmas Shopping Fin would be use­ful to shove shop­pers be­hind you like a fin shoves wa­ter. Buy one to­day!