Christmas Shopping Fin!

Apart from a few stocking-stuffers and an inordinate amount of bakery I am done with all of my Christmas preparations. I spent a few hours last night zipping all over Cuyahoga County and eventually ended up at Big Lots, which is the best place for Christmas sundries. Shopping is no Grand Progress for me. I make tactical strikes and endeavor to leave no residual presence. Shopping is definitely a black op. The most time was spent in Half-Price books, where I only bought for myself. I know, now isn’t the time of year for that, but you have to get the good books while they are available. I found some critical analyses of Tolkien from way back in the day that even I hadn’t heard of.

I just now put the title on this post. fin was supposed to be the French fin, but instead it looks like I just invented a new invention. A suppose a Christmas Shopping Fin would be useful to shove shoppers behind you like a fin shoves water. Buy one today!