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Earlier this year I fi­nal­ly fin­ished a book list from the Science Fiction Book Club, and since then I’ve been search­ing for an­oth­er list to cut my teeth on. I’ve fi­nal­ly set­tled on one. I’m go­ing to watch every movie is­sued on DVD by The Criterion Collection. To eas­i­ly keep track of this, I’ve made a page list­ing the cur­rent spines and the dates I’ve re­viewed the films. Three or four are al­ready list­ed. I’m ac­tu­al­ly al­ready ten per­cent done, as I’ve seen a lot of the Japanese films, noir and some of the French New Wave stuff on the list [30 all told]. I fig­ure if I watch one movie a week, I’ll fin­ish the list some­time in the next six years.

I’m al­so con­sid­er­ing that I might start to read all of the lit­er­ary col­lec­tions pro­vid­ed by the Library of America, which is a non-prof­it preser­va­tion pub­lish­ing com­pa­ny. I’ve looked over their cat­a­log and it seems to be a quite var­ied se­lec­tion of American lit­er­a­ture, much of which is un­fa­mil­iar to me. If I start work­ing on that list and have a goal, I’ll be much more like­ly to buck­le down and read some Herman Melville or William Faulkner. I be­lieve they on­ly have about 155 spines in their cur­rent cat­a­log, so I think I should be able to go through that in a sim­i­lar amount of time as the Criterion list. I must be crazy.

3 thoughts on “New Lists

  1. Something I’ve been think­ing on late­ly: I wish there were a more “or­gan­ic” way to create/​keep these kind of lists for my­self. I’d re­al­ly like to bal­ance my me­dia in­take be­tween ac­claim and pop­u­lar­i­ty amongst my friends. For now, though, these two lists are pret­ty de­cent ap­prox­i­ma­tions. Or, it’s rea­son­able to say that the com­bi­na­tion of their ac­claim and ease of main­te­nance (that is, 100% easy) makes up for the in­for­ma­tion gaps that would be cre­at­ed in my so­cial cir­cles.

  2. I tend to wel­come those in­for­ma­tion gaps, but I don’t re­al­ly know why. Are you fa­mil­iar with All Consuming, Librarything and last​.fm? They might be what you are look­ing for.

    I al­so use my Amazon rec­om­men­da­tions as a reading/​viewing list when I want a change of some­thing. You have to keep it up­dat­ed of­ten though.

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