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Earlier this year I finally finished a book list from the Science Fiction Book Club, and since then I’ve been searching for another list to cut my teeth on. I’ve finally settled on one. I’m going to watch every movie issued on DVD by The Criterion Collection. To easily keep track of this, I’ve made a page listing the current spines and the dates I’ve reviewed the films. Three or four are already listed. I’m actually already ten percent done, as I’ve seen a lot of the Japanese films, noir and some of the French New Wave stuff on the list [30 all told]. I figure if I watch one movie a week, I’ll finish the list sometime in the next six years.

I’m also considering that I might start to read all of the literary collections provided by the Library of America, which is a non-​profit preservation publishing company. I’ve looked over their catalog and it seems to be a quite varied selection of American literature, much of which is unfamiliar to me. If I start working on that list and have a goal, I’ll be much more likely to buckle down and read some Herman Melville or William Faulkner. I believe they only have about 155 spines in their current catalog, so I think I should be able to go through that in a similar amount of time as the Criterion list. I must be crazy.

3 thoughts on “New Lists

  1. Something I’ve been thinking on lately: I wish there were a more “organic” way to create/​keep these kind of lists for myself. I’d really like to balance my media intake between acclaim and popularity amongst my friends. For now, though, these two lists are pretty decent approximations. Or, it’s reasonable to say that the combination of their acclaim and ease of maintenance (that is, 100% easy) makes up for the information gaps that would be created in my social circles.

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