Shitty Science Fiction Movies

Last night I watched The Matrix: Revolutions and The Last Starfighter. They are both pretty shitty science fiction movies, but each had their good points. For example, Neo’s line about continuing to fight because he chooses to do so was the high point of the movie for me since I wrote something sort of about that back in the day and cited a similar example from the Tao. The rest of the movie sucked.

The Last Starfighter was pretty fucken dumb too. I was 3 when it was released. I do think they need to bring back those short sport shorts that Catherine Mary Stewart was wearing. I can live without the plasticene alien prosthetics, though. Oh yeah, and the evil alien antagonist? Least. Intimidating. Ever. Someone call the intergalactic wahmbulance on that dumbass.

Don’t watch either of these. This has been a public service announcement. Tonight I watch Grand Illusion.

2 thoughts on “Shitty Science Fiction Movies

  1. Hey I have a soft spot for The Last Starfighter. I guess it’s because I look at it as more of a scifi comedy than a straight up scifi movie. If you have the stomach for it, go back and watch the movie like you would if you were going in to watch Army of Darkness. It’s not nearly as funny or as well done as AoD, but if you have that sort of expectation with it, I think you’ll find it to be an ok movie. Best movie quote from tLSf: “What do we do now sir?”
    (flip the stupid monacle thing down)
    “WE DIE!”
    that one makes me laugh every time.

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