Shitty Science Fiction Movies

Last night I watched The Matrix: Rev­o­lu­tions and The Last Starfight­er. They are both pret­ty shit­ty sci­ence fic­tion movies, but each had their good points. For exam­ple, Neo’s line about con­tin­u­ing to fight because he choos­es to do so was the high point of the movie for me since I wrote some­thing sort of about that back in the day and cit­ed a sim­i­lar exam­ple from the Tao. The rest of the movie sucked.

The Last Starfight­er was pret­ty fuck­en dumb too. I was 3 when it was released. I do think they need to bring back those short sport shorts that Cather­ine Mary Stew­art was wear­ing. I can live with­out the plas­ticene alien pros­thet­ics, though. Oh yeah, and the evil alien antag­o­nist? Least. Intim­i­dat­ing. Ever. Some­one call the inter­galac­tic wahm­bu­lance on that dum­b­ass.

Don’t watch either of these. This has been a pub­lic ser­vice announce­ment. Tonight I watch Grand Illu­sion.

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  • Hey I have a soft spot for The Last Starfight­er. I guess it’s because I look at it as more of a sci­fi com­e­dy than a straight up sci­fi movie. If you have the stom­ach for it, go back and watch the movie like you would if you were going in to watch Army of Dark­ness. It’s not near­ly as fun­ny or as well done as AoD, but if you have that sort of expec­ta­tion with it, I think you’ll find it to be an ok movie. Best movie quote from tLSf: “What do we do now sir?”
    (flip the stu­pid mona­cle thing down)
    WE DIE!”
    that one makes me laugh every time.

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