Traffic Cameras

I went to the Grog Shop last night to see my coworker’s band Humphry Clink­er. I rec­om­mend the port wine. On my way I got flashed twice by the traf­fic cam­eras on Chester. We’ll see if they tick­et me for going 7 miles over the speed lim­it in the mid­dle lane of an emp­ty street at 11 at night in clear weath­er. Inci­den­tal­ly, the flash bulb going off is quite star­tling. I won­der how a piece of elec­tron­ic equip­ment can be vest­ed with the author­i­ty of a full police offi­cer. Prob­a­bly gets in under the same clause that police dogs fit under. Can you tell I resent hav­ing my pic­ture tak­en for using pub­lic roads?

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  • was it on chester ave & 71st? i’ve seen those speed-cams in action last week when i was at CWRU for MGB. it was snow­ing and the cam flashed in the oth­er direc­tion blind­ing me and the white sur­round­ings for a sec­ond. at first i thought a nuclear plant implod­ed or a light­ning bolt hit my wind­sheild but when i heard no boom i quick­ly real­ized where i was (chester near 71st).
    i heard that if you get a tick­et, you can vis­it their web-site and enter a num­ber and it will allow you to view a video of your infrac­tion. if thats the case, you need to post it on here.
    i still have the list of streets with cam­eras on my blog..

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