Traffic Cameras

I went to the Grog Shop last night to see my coworker’s band Humphry Clinker. I recommend the port wine. On my way I got flashed twice by the traffic cameras on Chester. We’ll see if they ticket me for going 7 miles over the speed limit in the middle lane of an empty street at 11 at night in clear weather. Incidentally, the flash bulb going off is quite startling. I wonder how a piece of electronic equipment can be vested with the authority of a full police officer. Probably gets in under the same clause that police dogs fit under. Can you tell I resent having my picture taken for using public roads?

2 thoughts on “Traffic Cameras

  1. was it on chester ave & 71st? i’ve seen those speed-cams in action last week when i was at CWRU for MGB. it was snowing and the cam flashed in the other direction blinding me and the white surroundings for a second. at first i thought a nuclear plant imploded or a lightning bolt hit my windsheild but when i heard no boom i quickly realized where i was (chester near 71st).
    i heard that if you get a ticket, you can visit their web-site and enter a number and it will allow you to view a video of your infraction. if thats the case, you need to post it on here.
    i still have the list of streets with cameras on my blog..

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