Escape Velocity

You beat me again
         and again I run
and again I return
to the familiar comfort of
terror and the bruises you leave
     and I leave
     on you
     on me.

[no this is not about my life, for]

we jump not toward the sky
but away from the earth;
a moment of tearing,
a primitive need like
penetration or
face deep in the fold of a pillow
the strain against the atmosphere
the eager joy of possibility
that fraying sense that
     this time
     we will
              break through
     be free
     of this earth we love.

[and again I fall
through the familiar
comfort of terror
and back into your arms]

Since I’m not codependent I could be way off base here with my association between it and the attraction of gravity, but I also tried to do things in this poem that I normally don’t do in other ones, expanding thoughts into multiple images, and being what I think of as more cliché in my subject matter and exposition. By that I guess I mean I’m trying to write with less intent and more instinct. Feedback is welcome, since I don’t really know what is going on here.