Joe Bob Brainstorming Session

Possible ideas for fu­ture Joe Bob an­i­ma­tions:

  • Joe Bob goes on a date
  • Joe Bob joins the SCA
  • Joe Bob in space
  • Silent Joe Bob
  • Joe Bob vis­its High Society
  • Joe Bob buys a car
  • Joe Bob Halloween spe­cial
  • Joe Bob and Robin Hood
  • Joe Bob the Pirate
  • Samurai Joe Bob

Any ideas from y’all?

12 thoughts on “Joe Bob Brainstorming Session

  1. Snoggy, the on­ly rea­son I came up with that one is be­cause I have Lego dudes with top hats.

    I have now, Jeff. Unfortunately, I’ve not pur­chased Legos in years, so I don’t have any dudes with cool shades like that.

  2. Jeff beat me to the com­ment about wired. What about Joe Bob vs Vadar or any of the oth­er Star Wars leg­gos?
    Joe Bob and his cousin Billy Bob go drinkin’ and fishin’
    Billy Bob and Jim Bob go out and shoot some road signs…
    For some rea­son I think of Joe Bob as a red­neck es­caped from ei­ther in­dy­tucky or kansas.…

  3. All of my Star Wars Legos are still in their orig­i­nal pack­ages. Since the movies sucked so much I might as well open them. I doubt they’ll be worth any­thing.

    Yeah Joe Bob is pret­ty much your av­er­age hick. I think I’ll have him buy a car next, that one has been rat­tling around in my head for a bit.

  4. Joe Bob goes on a date with his sis­ter, Jill Bob.
    Joe Bob puts his truck up on cin­der blocks.
    Joe Bob ne­go­ti­ates with ter­ror­ists, swap­ping rac­coon hides and moon­shine for POW.
    Joe Bob eats at Red Lobster or the Olive Garden.
    Joe Bob goes in for a job in­ter­view and FUCKS SHIT UP.

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