Joe Bob Brainstorming Session

Possible ideas for future Joe Bob animations:

  • Joe Bob goes on a date
  • Joe Bob joins the SCA
  • Joe Bob in space
  • Silent Joe Bob
  • Joe Bob visits High Society
  • Joe Bob buys a car
  • Joe Bob Halloween special
  • Joe Bob and Robin Hood
  • Joe Bob the Pirate
  • Samurai Joe Bob

Any ideas from y’all?

12 thoughts on “Joe Bob Brainstorming Session

  1. Snoggy, the only reason I came up with that one is because I have Lego dudes with top hats.

    I have now, Jeff. Unfortunately, I’ve not purchased Legos in years, so I don’t have any dudes with cool shades like that.

  2. Jeff beat me to the comment about wired. What about Joe Bob vs Vadar or any of the other Star Wars leggos?
    Joe Bob and his cousin Billy Bob go drinkin’ and fishin’
    Billy Bob and Jim Bob go out and shoot some road signs…
    For some reason I think of Joe Bob as a redneck escaped from either indytucky or kansas….

  3. All of my Star Wars Legos are still in their original packages. Since the movies sucked so much I might as well open them. I doubt they’ll be worth anything.

    Yeah Joe Bob is pretty much your average hick. I think I’ll have him buy a car next, that one has been rattling around in my head for a bit.

  4. Joe Bob goes on a date with his sister, Jill Bob.
    Joe Bob puts his truck up on cinder blocks.
    Joe Bob negotiates with terrorists, swapping raccoon hides and moonshine for POW.
    Joe Bob eats at Red Lobster or the Olive Garden.
    Joe Bob goes in for a job interview and FUCKS SHIT UP.

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