Joe Bob’s Screentest

Below you will see my first use of flash and my first attempt at stop animation. The picture taking took about 15 minutes, but figuring out the Flash interface took me a bit longer, especially since I couldn’t use the tutorials. This probably took me two hours all told, but I’m still heartened by the relative ease with which it came together. Perhaps there will be more adventures with Joe Bob in the future.

Length: 00:00:08
Size: 1.11 MB

5 thoughts on “Joe Bob’s Screentest

  1. I really gotta figure out how to make the filesize smaller. Flash uses a take on the “sprite” idea from way back in the early days of gaming, but with each from being a unique image, I don’t think that is going to work for me. I might just have to distribute stuff via YouSendIt.

  2. Yea, Flash wasn’t really made for frame-by-frame animation (though you can obviously do it). It excels more at tweening (which will also keep your file sizes down, but again, doesn’t work for what it looks like you’re doing).

  3. I might scrounge up some decent film editing software for the PC, if there is such a thing. I’m only worried about file size for bandwidth issues.

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