Steven B. Smith Poetry Recap

The Rarely Photographed Lou MuenzLast night was a great night for poet­ry. Every­one picked out excel­lent poems by Steve Smith, and he real­ly seemed to enjoy being there and hear­ing his stuff read. The weird­est point in the evening came when this gen­tle­man gave a mini-lec­ture on Heisen­berg and Pauli and a sort of mys­tic hypoth­e­sis of dis­cov­er­ing sub­atom­ic par­ti­cles to ele­vate sapi­en­cy. [or some­thing like that, the guy is either a lit­tle bat­ty or way to smart for his own good. It was also after 1 in the morn­ing, so I was start­ing to think at cati­corners.] All the pho­tos in the set may be found here. For inter­est­ing con­ver­sa­tions between eru­dite minds like Heisen­berg and Pauli, check out this MetaFil­ter thread.

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  • I got the whole Heisen­berg lec­ture on tape. I’ll have to admit that I was more intrest­ed in going to bed at that moment. How­ev­er the man seemed to have the atten­tion of every­body. It was qui­et except for his voice.

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