Steven B. Smith Poetry Recap

The Rarely Photographed Lou MuenzLast night was a great night for poetry. Everyone picked out excellent poems by Steve Smith, and he really seemed to enjoy being there and hearing his stuff read. The weirdest point in the evening came when this gentleman gave a mini-lecture on Heisenberg and Pauli and a sort of mystic hypothesis of discovering subatomic particles to elevate sapiency. [or something like that, the guy is either a little batty or way to smart for his own good. It was also after 1 in the morning, so I was starting to think at caticorners.] All the photos in the set may be found here. For interesting conversations between erudite minds like Heisenberg and Pauli, check out this MetaFilter thread.

2 thoughts on “Steven B. Smith Poetry Recap

  1. I got the whole Heisenberg lecture on tape. I’ll have to admit that I was more intrested in going to bed at that moment. However the man seemed to have the attention of everybody. It was quiet except for his voice.

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