Sweet Potato Roulade

Sweet Potato RouladeI made this last evening and while I fol­lowed the recipe ex­act­ly, and it was pret­ty tasty, I think it could use some im­prove­ment. This was the first time I ac­tu­al­ly had to sep­a­rate egg yolks and whites and I re­mem­ber that one time Patrick told me that hav­ing even the small­est amount of yolk in the white will pre­vent it from stiff­en­ing, and that hap­pened to me. That’s why the roulade broke in sev­er­al spots. In the fu­ture I’ll prob­a­bly use 5 scal­lions in­stead of the re­quired 8, and a lit­tle less cream cheese in the fill­ing. The fill­ing over­pow­ered the sweet pota­to, which is al­ways a bad thing.