Things Were Done This Weekend

The house across the street from my apart­ment is for sale for $50k. The house pay­ment would be cheap­er than my rent, but upon look­ing at the inside I esti­mat­ed anoth­er $50k would need to be invest­ed just to make it liv­able. I don’t have the time, mon­ey or incli­na­tion to do that kind of work on a house. The place does have sig­nif­cant pos­si­bil­i­ty, but you know it is bad when the most liv­able room in the place is the attic.

I fixed Pesto Chick­en and Pancetta and Romano cakes and Banana Pies and had my bud­dy Steve help me eat it. Actu­al­ly he pre­pared the dijon glaze for the chick­en and was chief baster. It was a rather meh meal in my esti­ma­tion, but “I’ll Eat Any­thing” Gold­berg didn’t mind. The Banana Pies, how­ev­er were com­plete­ly ined­i­ble. I swear, for a per­son that likes to bake, I have the hard­est time mak­ing good dough. Always too much flour. Maybe it is because I don’t have a sifter.

I spent my run think­ing about words that I liked, but can only remem­ber “loi­ter” at this point.

I ate a Sokolowski’s with Was­co and man­aged to com­plete my first Lit­er­ary Café Week­end Tri­fec­ta. I met anoth­er local blog­ger and fixed a local resident’s wire­less con­nec­tion, but locked her out of her own work com­put­er when try­ing to change its work­group to allow her to have a home net­work. Nev­er­the­less, she still agreed to tan­go with me this evening.

I was sup­posed to work on a web­site for a local busi­ness owner/resident yes­ter­day, but every 34sp host­ed site was down for I don’t know how long. So I’m a day behind and don’t par­tic­u­lar­ly like that.

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