Training Day 13

Today was like run­ning the gaunt­let, wind, ice and sub­ur­ban soc­cer moms do­ing kerb-checks in their Ford Planet-Eaters while mak­ing their week­ly trip to the West Side Market. I had a sev­en mile run, but on­ly com­plet­ed four and change; the gril­lionth time I al­most died from a wind gust push­ing me off a bridge or get­ting clocked in the face by an ice-rimed plas­tic bag I de­cid­ed to call it quits. I was warm the whole time, thanks to my lay­ers of var­i­ous syn­thet­ic stuff, and I found that my fleece vest from work is ac­tu­al­ly use­ful. My ass is al­ways cold by the end of a run, how­ev­er.

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