Training Day 18

Today was a perfect day for running. I did my three mile workout in good time and then made myself a bowl of sausage and vegetable soup and a quart-sized smoothie. One smoothie for me fills up the whole blender, but the fat-free yogurt is just the sort of protein I need after a good run. I’ve got to get those leg muscles back in form. Then I accidentally made a double batch of brownies. Incidentally, this is my 1000th post and my gas bill [for a 4 room apartment] was $200 this month.

2 thoughts on “Training Day 18

  1. Well, it was supposed to be a single batch, then I realized I was using the ½ cup scoop instead of the ¼ cup one, so I was forced to use up all my chocolate. I’ve still got two or three brownies left.

    I wish smoothies had a better name, they sound so namby-pamby but they are so delicious.

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