Training Day 2

Today was the second day of my training for the 2006 Cleveland Marathon. I didn’t write about the first day because the first day was a day of rest. Jeff Schuler recommended Hal Higdon‘s training programs and I naturally selected the novice program to help me prepare. Here is a week by week look at how my training should proceed.

I hadn’t run in a few months until putting in my three miles today. I didn’t stretch appropriately and now my right hip flexor is a bit achy, but I think if I stretch well for my next run I should be okay. I got a pedometer from work for taking a stupid wellness survey and found out that it doesn’t work at all for running. My three miles registered as 1.28, which I know was incorrect. It was a bit harsh breathing the cold air until my body got warmed up, and then I was fine. Until that happened though, I had to walk for brief intervals to catch my breath again. It felt like I was out of breath because of the cold, not the exertion, but I could be wrong. Some dumbass kid doing laps of W 25th in his beater kept yelling stuff at me. Some things never change.

I’ve got this idea though, something that will keep me more motivated to train for the marathon. I’d like to try to raise some money to benefit the homeless in Cleveland. I’ve never done anything like that before, asking for pledges and such, but I’m slowly coordinating all the necessary information and approval for it. I’m thinking about creating a DropCash account to raise a certain amount of money [$1500?] for whatever charity I end up deciding on. Then I’ll just need to get the word out. Maybe as another incentive I could offer to match 10% of whatever ends up being raised. I dunno. I’ll figure it out and keep you posted. Hopefully this will be something that is allowed by the people in charge of the Cleveland Marathon.

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  1. Good luck. I am not a paradigm of fitness but I bike to work year round and I would consider the air warm right now as compared to a few weeks ago. Hang tough!

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