Training Day 2

Today was the sec­ond day of my train­ing for the 2006 Cleveland Marathon. I didn’t write about the first day be­cause the first day was a day of rest. Jeff Schuler rec­om­mend­ed Hal Higdon’s train­ing pro­grams and I nat­u­ral­ly se­lect­ed the novice pro­gram to help me pre­pare. Here is a week by week look at how my train­ing should pro­ceed.

I hadn’t run in a few months un­til putting in my three miles to­day. I didn’t stretch ap­pro­pri­ate­ly and now my right hip flex­or is a bit achy, but I think if I stretch well for my next run I should be okay. I got a pe­dome­ter from work for tak­ing a stu­pid well­ness sur­vey and found out that it doesn’t work at all for run­ning. My three miles reg­is­tered as 1.28, which I know was in­cor­rect. It was a bit harsh breath­ing the cold air un­til my body got warmed up, and then I was fine. Until that hap­pened though, I had to walk for brief in­ter­vals to catch my breath again. It felt like I was out of breath be­cause of the cold, not the ex­er­tion, but I could be wrong. Some dum­b­ass kid do­ing laps of W 25th in his beat­er kept yelling stuff at me. Some things nev­er change.

I’ve got this idea though, some­thing that will keep me more mo­ti­vat­ed to train for the marathon. I’d like to try to raise some mon­ey to ben­e­fit the home­less in Cleveland. I’ve nev­er done any­thing like that be­fore, ask­ing for pledges and such, but I’m slow­ly co­or­di­nat­ing all the nec­es­sary in­for­ma­tion and ap­proval for it. I’m think­ing about cre­at­ing a DropCash ac­count to raise a cer­tain amount of mon­ey [$1500?] for what­ev­er char­i­ty I end up de­cid­ing on. Then I’ll just need to get the word out. Maybe as an­oth­er in­cen­tive I could of­fer to match 10% of what­ev­er ends up be­ing raised. I dun­no. I’ll fig­ure it out and keep you post­ed. Hopefully this will be some­thing that is al­lowed by the peo­ple in charge of the Cleveland Marathon. 

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  1. Good luck. I am not a par­a­digm of fit­ness but I bike to work year round and I would con­sid­er the air warm right now as com­pared to a few weeks ago. Hang tough!

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