Training Day 24

Well, it is def­i­nite­ly the cold air that makes my right knee wig out. Today was the first re­al­ly cold day I’ve had to run in since the last time my knee hurt, and it start­ed hurt­ing again. I don’t un­der­stand why it is my right knee though. The left one is the one that has been dis­lo­cat­ed twice and is arthrit­ic. My calf al­so felt like a Gordian knot, so I end­ed up walk­ing the last half mile for fear that run­ning would cause me to pull a mus­cle. I hope my body ad­justs soon, be­cause now the work­outs are go­ing to be­come much more chal­leng­ing. I want to be able to keep up. I hope I have de­cent weath­er for the 9 mil­er this Saturday. If pre­vi­ous Saturdays are any in­di­ca­tion though, it will be windy and rainy. Looking at the fore­cast seems to in­di­cate that this trend will per­sist.

8 thoughts on “Training Day 24

  1. I am com­plete­ly ob­sessed with that song (“Flower” by Liz Phair). I couldn’t leave my house this morn­ing un­til I lis­tened to it enough times to learn all the words. So now I can sing it to my­self a thou­sand times while my iPod is in the shop.

  2. pain is rid­ing your bike home from work at 23:30 in a 40 MPH head­wind, i don’t know what the wind­chill was but my new bike gloves was say­ing “fuck-it” af­ter the first cou­ple miles.

  3. No, those are on­ly month­ly. The next is February 8th. Tonight is just a typ­i­cal geek night. The reg­u­lars will prob­a­bly go over there af­ter the TWDC din­ner and elec­tions.

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