Training Day 4

The weather got crappy today, so I was running in a light rain/snow mix. I took it easy but my right leg started to seize up on me just after the two mile mark, so I walked the rest of the distance and tried to get the leg loosened. I think basically what is happening is that I’ve been tearing the muscles in my quads too much too soon, without enough recovery time, so instead of getting stronger they’ve been getting hurter. Friday is a day off though, in preparation for a 6 mile run on Saturday, and even toward the end of last evening I could feel the quads knitting back together. I think the can of tunafish that I ate helped out with that a bit. I need to figure out some other routes for strange distances like 4 miles and 7 miles. Since my typical loop is exactly 5k, I’ve not done a lot of experimenting elsewhere. There is a nice, long, low-traffic road that runs parallel to the Interstate that I think will offer some good training terrain.