Monday, 27 February 2006


     – thanks to Joseph Campbell

“Through me; the way to the woeful city;”1

a hero
with a thousand faces;2
a story you
always wanted to hear.

We continue
though we know we continue

A desolation of hope.
That is the story.

and I say: This
must be
a prophetic life-

Why else cry to the deserted places?
Why seek wisdom on mountains?

2 The Hero With A Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

I think this one is going to remain in pieces; appropriate I suppose. The main ideas are there, but I think the tone is wrong and that is why I can’t get them to bind. Any suggestions?

Email Blacklist Spam Madness

If you’ve sent an email in the past three days to my email account on this domain you need to send it again. The blacklist on my webmail isn’t the most intelligent and spammers are ever devious, so when I ran my blacklist over the 70+ emails I had waiting for me this morning all 100 or so of my emails were summarily deleted and purged. This is because one of the email addresses on the blacklist ended with an @, and the blacklist then decides to delete mail from any domain after the @. Argh. Mr. Rijks, I know you sent me mail, [hola!] so please send it again, if you please. Please. That goes for the rest of you too.

Notre Dame Invitational Day 2

Men's EpeeDay 2 was the team event, which went much faster than the individual stuff. I was dressed slightly warmer and with more comfortable shoes and was this time complimented on both my corduroy blazer [2 sizes too small, for that ill-fitting euro-chic] and my shoes. There was a little bit of fuss from the Northwestern coaches on a couple of my calls during a bout, but I got it all straightened out, although I don’t think the NW coaches were completely satisfied. Then I hauled ass back home and passed out at around 9pm.

Saturday, 25 February 2006

Directing Dogs

ND Fencing InvitationalAfter 10 hours on my feet directing epee fencers of all shapes, sizes and levels of attractiveness, my knees are small novas of pain. It is fascinating how much nicer fencers are when you’re a director. Especially the females. Today I was complimented on my scarf [mom-knitted!], my style [what!?], my pronunciation of Dumas [although I initially mispronounce Slutz due to a missing umlaut], and my glasses [wtf?]. That’s not including all the smoky looks and shy smiles as well. Fencer girls…

I probably just had something on my face the whole time.

I ran into so many old fencers from my time on the team, it was great to visit with them and trade old war stories. The last remnants of people that I knew are graduating this year. I’m already long forgotten. Glory is fleeting. [Even though I didn’t provide much of it.]

Tomorrow is the team competition, which goes a bit faster and won’t provide me with as many temptations to let flirting with a pretty redhead from IU or a raven-haired blue-eyed ND fencer influence my decisions. Like I’d ever let that happen.

Friday, 24 February 2006


This weekend I’m going to be directing at the Notre Dame Fencing Invitational. It’s an easy way to make a couple hundred dollars and an excuse to eat at CJ’s. I’m doing some serious brushing up on my USFA rules, since I’ve not actually fenced since I’ve graduated. [I can’t believe it.] The Invite is two long long days of fencing, starting at 8 and usually ending 8 or more hours later, so I’ll definitely earn my cash. Since I’m leaving after work today, I had to accomplish all the normal stuff I do on the weekend last night. So I did my laundry, got my car serviced, et cetera. But the Lube Stop broke the valve stem in one of my tires, so I ended up having to put on the donut in the sleeting rain and drive to NTB in Lakewood for a replacement stem. The guy that fixed my car goes to the Greek Orthodox Church in Tremont, and another guy who was there waiting has a daughter around my age that lives there.

I’m going to send a complaint to Lube Stop, and maybe next time I’ll get a free oil change. The whole affair killed about two hours of my time. Tremont West gave me a call because they’d like to send me to a leadership conference in Nashville in May that is sponsored by Neighbor Works. I stopped in to check out their new offices and explained that I’d like to go, but since my status in the Cleveland is now unstable that they should continue asking people, but to keep me in mind and that I’d keep them updated.

I finally made it back to my apartment at about 7:45 and was able to shove some clothes in my overnight pack and snarf some leftover vegetable stew before I had to meet up with Des and Steve at the Lit to discuss the logistics of installing webcams in tactical spots in Tremont. Busiest Thursday I’ve had in a long time, I didn’t even have a chance to think about running.

Thursday, 23 February 2006

we wrote love poems

we wrote love poems
before pomo.

now, all must

not just
          your body
under mine
but also,
           a hand;
          under the