Bands at the Beachland

The BeatingsI watched just over half of the Super-bor­ing Bowl [com­plete with lame-ass com­mer­cials] and then head­ed over to the Beachland Tavern to hear a few bands. I saw two lo­cals, The Driven High and my friends Humphry Clinker and a band from Boston called The Beatings. All three bands had chick leads, which was nice. I al­so had an Irish Car Bomb and thought to my­self that some­one needs to in­vent the Irish Bar Comb as a corol­lary drink. I de­lib­er­ate­ly took these pho­tos to look like Lou’s.

2 thoughts on “Bands at the Beachland

  1. Hehe, I want­ed the Steelers to win, but you’ve got to ad­mit the first half was bor­ing as hell. I saw the Steelers quick score at the start of the sec­ond half, but if there was any more ex­cite­ment af­ter that, I missed it.

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