Catching Breaks

Life in Cleveland is becoming increasingly unfulfilling for me. I have spent the last 9 months looking for another source of employment in this area, and have been most unsuccessful. This is my third Cleveland winter, and in the time I’ve been here I feel that I have offered plenty of myself to Cleveland through time and effort, yet Cleveland hasn’t offered me much in return. And by much I mean one thing: a decent job. I like the people, the culture, the pace, but when, as a young professional, I make so little money that I have to budget whether or not I can afford to go down the street for a beer at the Lit, there is a problem. I’ve tried the networking routes, cold calling, browsing through every career board and classified and even out on the limb things like searching through my referrer logs for possible leads [Penton Media, I’m looking at you]. My skillsets are welcome as long as there is no price tag attached, but otherwise, this area doesn’t seem to have much use for them.

People talk about catching breaks, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it happen. Every success I’ve had, I’ve had to fight for tooth and nail, but me versus Cleveland is a fight I can’t win. So today begins my search for employment elsewhere. I’m going to start in the big metro areas, NYC, Chicago and LA [where I’ve recently started corresponding with some old friends from the ND Film Department], places I already have friends in, and places that might feel that they could use me. If all else fails, by mid-​summer I’ll move back to Indiana and go back to school in order to get my teacher’s license. Cleveland has had its chance.