Email Blacklist Spam Madness

If you’ve sent an email in the past three days to my email ac­count on this do­main you need to send it again. The black­list on my web­mail isn’t the most in­tel­li­gent and spam­mers are ever de­vi­ous, so when I ran my black­list over the 70+ emails I had wait­ing for me this morn­ing all 100 or so of my emails were sum­mar­i­ly delet­ed and purged. This is be­cause one of the email ad­dress­es on the black­list end­ed with an @, and the black­list then de­cides to delete mail from any do­main af­ter the @. Argh. Mr. Rijks, I know you sent me mail, [ho­la!] so please send it again, if you please. Please. That goes for the rest of you too.