The library is a natural resource. And I really enjoy that pun. I had a dream that I was in a library, and specifically in a computer room in a library with a bunch of ruckus friends. This computer room was from an Irish movie I saw years ago, and I remember a character watching Frank Patterson[?] sing at the papal visit to Ireland on the computer. Maybe that didn’t actually happen in the movie and I dreamed it, and remembered dreaming it in this dream. [Update: When Brendan Met Trudy, thanks TS!] So this room was not real to me, but real to my experience. In any case we were being loud and an old mean librarian came in and started copying our identification in order to report us to the Department of Homeland Security. I grabbed what she was copying of me and discovered it was a copy of my social security card. I refused to give it back to her, saying I didn’t want her to have my social security number, and she said she’d have me arrested and no one would ever hear from me again. I think I called her a dinosaur and said I hoped she got replaced by an upgraded librarian with piercings and tatts. Then I woke up because my pillow had fallen off the bed. I managed to grab it before it landed on the floor, although I felt very strange because my mind was still mostly asleep and my body was wide awake thrumming.