Online Tax Returns

I filed my Ohio Tax Return online in about 20 minutes last evening. It was a piece of cake, you create an account and can then save your return as you work on it. I highly recommend using I-File if you live in Ohio. They’ll even direct deposit your refund.

Of course, bureaucracy increases by orders of magnitude as you go up the scale and instead of having such a simple and similar process available [that is, operated and offered free by the government] through the IRS, you have to pick from a list of approved private tax preparers who have “free” software available for use [and hidden fees like crazy]. The Feds would do well to steal a play from Ohio’s book, at least for the 1040EZ. They did have fillable pdfs of the forms, which was nice, but I still have to print it off and mail it in with my check, [so much for the state refund] instead of being able to complete it all online.

On the other end of the spectrum, my city/county taxes still have to be done fully through the snail mail. The middle road still seems to be the best.

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