Pulled Lamb over PenneGirl and I had dinner at Opa! over the weekend. It was both a tasty and nice time. We started out with an Octopus Salad which was a bit too smoky and olivey for our tastes and I had Pulled Lamb over Penne and Girl had Cherry and Apple glazed Pork, both of which were quite tasty. For dessert Girl had an excellent brown sugar cheesecake and I had orange molasses carrot cake with caramel ice cream.

The wait staff was a bit weirded out by me taking pictures of our entrees, but Girl didn’t seem significantly estranged. I told Girl that my mother said not to write about Girl, as it might jinx things, but Girl said she was a little disappointed that she hadn’t read more. I should state, for the record, that I like Girl.

4 thoughts on “Opa!

  1. Yea, the one time Genevieve and I went to Opa!, we had a great time. I remember though that, quite often, the place was very empty and I felt bad, considering they do have good food.

    THat out of the way:
    OOooh, Adam has a “Girl“friend.…huggy and smoochy smoochy 😉

  2. Adam, I’m looking forward to eventually meeting said “girl”. You are overdue for a trip to the bend I believe, so when said girl is ready for the roadtrip, you should come by.

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