My left eye has been twitch­ing an aw­ful lot late­ly. Not the eye it­self, but the flesh and mus­cle around it. I’m sure I don’t have a vi­t­a­min de­fi­cien­cy and pret­ty sure I’m not de­hy­drat­ed, so un­til it goes away on its own I’ve de­cid­ed to make good use of it. I’ve added a hunched back, a vi­o­lent stut­ter and a ten­den­cy to scut­tle to my al­ready hor­rif­ic ap­pear­ance and am cur­rent­ly prac­tic­ing my sin­is­ter lurk­ing abil­i­ties. Does any­one have a meat hook I can bor­row? Maybe I can bor­row his.

5 thoughts on “Tic

  1. Stress and changes in my caf­feene lev­els. Seriously I have to have earl grey or so­da at least once a day or my eye twitch­es and I get ill, of course if I have to much I end up the same way…have to bal­ance that rush.

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