Training Day 44

A lit­tle over 6 miles in a lit­tle under and hour today, but I was bushed. I did a trun­cat­ed ver­sion of what I’m already com­ing to call the Bridge run, since I cross over Abbey, Carnegie and Detroit bridges, not to men­tion Bridge Avenue. When I extend it, I’ll also run over the W. 14th Street Bridge, the W. 25th Bridge, the W. 44th Bridge and Clark Avenue bridge. That’s the main thing I like about run­ning in the city, the routes can be eas­i­ly mod­i­fied. In Con­nersville, you basi­cal­ly had to choose which coun­try road to run down, and stick with it until you were done. The main thing I don’t like about run­ning in the city is the air pol­lu­tion; I’m becom­ing a mas­ter of shal­low breath­ing.