This is the time of year when I’m ex­tra-fid­gety, ex­tra-grouchy, and ex­tra-dis­sat­is­fied with life in gen­er­al. The mir­a­cle that is February, and per­haps Seasonal Affective Disorder; but di­ag­noses for every lit­tle thing aren’t re­al­ly my bag. What I could re­al­ly go for is about three hours in a fenc­ing gym and a lazy din­ner with no dish du­ty. I can’t have that so I’m go­ing take care of my 2 o’clock ap­point­ment, strap on my kicks, pound some pave­ment and at­tempt to cheer my­self up by en­joy­ing the ex­cel­lent weath­er we have to­day.

If I ever get a job that pays enough for me to let me splurge once in awhile I might ac­tu­al­ly be able to af­ford to start fenc­ing again. That’d be the day.