Stop Cleveland

Stop ClevelandSince the local media is going through its month­ly “Cleve­land has a self-esteem prob­lem” schtick, I thought I’d point out some­thing that makes me wrys­mile every time I see it. Cleve­land stop signs pro­vide a sub­lim­i­nal neg­a­tive mes­sage. They all say “Stop Cleve­land.” Yes, the “Cleve­land” is very very small, but that only makes the plot more insid­i­ous. Think about how many times you see a stop sign in Cleve­land every day. That’s how many times you are sub­tly brain­washed by whomev­er came up with this sin­is­ter idea to sev­er any attempts at progress in this town. It is an obvi­ous plot by Pitts­burgh. I call this Sci­ence.