Grass is Green

Sisyphus and Tantalus
are arm-wrestling on
their cof­fee break. One
has cracked and dusty
fin­gers hard as rolled stone.
One has al­gae in his hair
and lips like the Gobi.

Sisyphus is stronger, but
Tantalus talks good fish–
tongued trash. They’ve
got a bet. Each wants
what the oth­er has, but
break time is over.

I haven’t writ­ten a po­em of even mid­dling qual­i­ty this month. I haven’t been able to get my head in the right spot. I can’t reach the tip­ping point that I usu­al­ly stum­ble on when free-writ­ing that sparks cre­ativ­i­ty. Very frus­trat­ing.

3 thoughts on “Grass is Green

  1. I’ve re­al­ly been en­joy­ing your po­ems. At least you’re writ­ing, even if you don’t think they are any good. You should come out some­time with Hot Coffee Girl and I. Maybe just for drinks at the Lit or some­thing.

  2. HotGossipyPomes are fun too.
    And i want to be at that HotCoffeeGirl/​SnogAsh/​OrganicMechanic klatch, at least as fly on the wall for the fun con­ver­sa­tion.

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