Grill Paste

hey buddy, what’s up
with your loco
motive? you think
you can touch her
and make her want
you? you think
because you’re bigger
and stronger and
creepier she should
give it up to you?
or you’ll what?
tie her to the tracks?
twirl your mustache?
I’ve got news for you.
you’re the one roped
and i’m the freight train.

I hate hearing about women who’ve been sexually whatevered by dudes. Makes me furious. I’m a pretty calm guy too.

2 thoughts on “Grill Paste

  1. i agree. i think the middle sentence starting with “you think” might be a tad too long. i like the short-​breathed, clipped sentences/​questions and that one doesn’t really fit.
    but this poem is “boss” as you would say adam.

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