When the siege and assault
had ceased at Troy, Aeneas
paid me a visit. I offered him
some plantains and he told me
“vegetables are what
food eats.” He strode around
my wattle and daub, grimacing.

Pulled on white gloves as if
it were inspection day,
my billet a master work
of jackleg engineering. He
asked if I was still a loyal Son
of Ilium

and opened my cupboard.
 He asked:
“Do you have any whisky?” and
“This place is far too dirty. You
must clean it

if I am to stay the night.”
I wanted to explain that my home
was made of dirt; that I had
no meat to provide. Yet what
does one say to our savior? My
hand grips the sickle. There are
crops to get in.

The first clause is taken from the first line of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight [Tolkien’s translation, naturally] and the “vegetables are what food eats” was taken from here.