The [Former] Heavyweight Champion of the World

When the bell rings he
comes from all an­gles, short
wa­ter drop jabs to face
and shoul­ders; feet cat-con­fi­dent
sly-eyed with years of train­ing.

lat­er, a sin­gle up­per­cut
un­der­cut slips by and while
he takes it stand­ing, the
judges de­clare

de­feat by de­ci­sion.

This one goes out to any­one who has ever worked ex­treme­ly hard for some­thing on­ly to be [what it seems like] ar­bi­trar­i­ly dis­missed as un­wor­thy for that very thing. It needs plen­ty of work, but I’ll save that for lat­er. Workshopping is al­ways wel­come on these.

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