Avalanche of Scrap

I know there was more taking place in this dream before I pick it up here, but this is what I remember. I’m driving around town in a fuel-efficient sort of go-cart, except it has bigger wheels and I see a steamroller fall off of a bridge right in front of me. The guy jumps out of it like he’s in a video game and jumps again so he’s not crushed by the thing. His buddy is driving a huge dump truck and drives it over to see if he’s okay, thereby causing it to overturn as well. He also jumps to safety but they’re below the vehicles [which are on a giant pile of scrap metal] and the weight is slowly overbalancing things. Some girls run by to make sure they’re okay but also don’t seem to notice the impending doom hovering above them. I yell for them to get out of the way, and they walk away, but still in the path of the avalanche, so I run down and do a sort of baseball slide scooping them all up and out of the way just as the heap of metal comes down. Later I’m talking with the group of girls at one of their mother’s houses and they all leave the room except the girl and her mother. The girl is attached but tells me if I fax her my email she’ll give me her phone number.